SOLEX Magnetic Bumper M25 AC

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รุ่น M25 AC
แบรนด์ SOLEX
ความกว้าง 5 เซนติเมตร
ความยาว 8 เซนติเมตร
ความสูง 8 เซนติเมตร
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Magnetic Door Bumper No M 25

Magnetic door bumper No M 25 is an accessory for doors to prevent accidents from opening and closing to reduce door shocks and prevent damage to doors. If we open the door, it may make the dress When the door is opened to the bumper, there is a magnet to prevent the door from reflecting back. High magnetic suction power, suitable for heavy door use. It can be used with doors that have been open for a long time, such as home fronts, kitchen doors. The living room door or the room door is blown by the wind and does not want the door to be closed because of the wind. 

Solex products meet ISO 9001:2008 and new technologies are invented in the manufacturing process to prevent continuous theft. As a result, the SOLEX keys are durable, have a long service life and have a beautiful design that is perfect for use with different types of homes.


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